What is Vodka Made From?

vodka distillery in los angeles

Here at loft & bear artisanal vodka, we think, drink, and dream about ways to elevate the vodka drinking experience. Our goal is to make vodka your go-to drink for your next dinner party or night out, and we know a thing or two about what makes it such a fantastic choice. Whether you’ve been a vodka drinker for decades or are new to the scene, this popular spirit is versatile, making it a must-have on your bar cart. One of the most popular questions we get from loft & bear drinkers and vodka enthusiasts alike is: what is vodka made from?

Ingredient Roll Call


Vodka is made by fermenting sugar or starch and distilling the product to increase alcohol content. Many people think that vodka is made with potatoes, and while certainly possible, most vodka today is made from grains.

At loft & bear, we use only the best soft organic winter wheat to create our craft, aided by California-sourced spring water. You’ll notice a silky, buttery feel on the palate and hints of vanilla and lemon; after all, there is a reason they call this the bartender’s vodka. 

Distill x 4


Most vodkas are distilled three times. We take things a step further with four rounds of distillation, giving you a well-rounded, pure spirit for all of your cocktail needs. (That fourth round also makes loft & bear a real treat over neat.)

Heart of the Batch


Why is distillation important? If you’ve been around the vodka game long enough, you may have heard of the“head” and “tail” of a vodka batch. The head of the batch is made up of the volatile substances created in fermentation, including acetone and sulphur dioxide, that have a lower boiling point. The tail is made of water, proteins, and carbohydrates left behind after distillation. These have a higher boiling point.

In between the head and tail is the heart. Aptly named (since we pour our hearts and souls into our product), this is the only substance that gets bottled at loft & bear. It consists of the aromatic substances infused in our batches and provides the clean finish that makes vodka such a popular choice. Some vodka distilleries may mix the head and tail with the heart to increase their volume, but that’s not true at the loft & bear Los Angeles distillery. Our artisanal vodka only comes from the heart. At loft & bear, we’ve perfected the process to eliminate unwanted materials and get only the cleanest heart, giving you the best vodka drinking experience. 

You Deserve a Better Vodka.


From our organic, handpicked ingredients, to our artisanal vodka distillation process, loft & bear is a superior spirit. Distilled 4 times and including only the heart of the batch, you can taste the difference. Go ahead and order a bottle of loft & bear online today or find us in a local Los Angeles bar or speakeasy to experience an elevated vodka.

How is loft & bear different?


Ultra premium and handcrafted, loft & bear is created in small batches and has a luxurious taste that you just can’t find in big-name bottles. Forget what you think you know about vodka and let us show you why loft & bear deserves a place front and center on your bar cart. 

Not only will you uncover a world of flavor profiles, smooth drinkability, and incredible versatility, but you’ll also be supporting local causes when you choose to drink loft & bear. We’ve teamed up with PATH in LA to help end homelessness and assist veterans and families who need help in our community. Five percent of all profits go to these causes. Our motto, Drink. Distill. Donate., reminds us to always give back; feel free to ask about our partnership when you see us. 

loft & bear is the premier Los Angeles artisanal vodka brand, and can be found from San Francisco to San Diego, outside Washington D.C., and in the Bahamas. Of course, you can always order your hand-crafted bottle online.