What is artisanal vodka?

artisanal vodka

If you’re like the thousands of other people who have been told that vodka is flavorless, odorless, and tasteless, we’re here to tell you that’s not entirely true. Finely crafted artisanal spirits elevate the drinking experience, and loft & bear artisanal vodka will have you thinking twice about everything you thought you knew about vodka. You may be wondering, like may who enjoy our craft, what exactly is artisanal vodka? What makes artisanal vodka different from regular vodka?

Breaking it down


Mass-produced vodkas are generally not hand-crafted. Simply look at the scale of production and quality of ingredients, and it quickly becomes apparent that to produce such large quantities of product, large factories and copious amounts of ingredients are required. Some vodkas are even produced using the liquid that agricultural facilities create when working with corn. There is an industrial quality to the production of vodkas like this, and we’re here to tell you that you have other, better options.

Becoming artisanal


The word artisanal means to produce something in limited quantities by traditional methods. Here at loft & bear we source our ingredients personally, taking only the finest winter wheat and cleanest mountain spring water to produce a buttery mouth-feel and notes of vanilla. Our vodka is handcrafted and hand bottled and labeled in our downtown Los Angeles vodka distillery. The result is an artisanal vodka that you’ll return to again and again.

How is loft & bear artisanal vodka made?


After sourcing our ingredients, we begin the vodka-making process and distill the liquid four times to give you superior drinkability and crisp, clean notes on the palate. We also hand bottle and label every case. Yes, it takes more time, but it time is what you sacrifice to craft something worthwhile.

Why should I buy artisanal spirits?


If you’re tired of the same old flavor profiles and seek something new, different, and unique, artisanal spirits like loft & bear will help you transform your cocktails and libations into something next-level. Not only will you be supporting entrepreneurs and dedicated craftsmen, but you’ll also find yourself seeking more daring and tasteful liquor combinations and impressing your friends and family.

Did we mention artisanal spirits can be on par with the price of other big-name bottles? (You can order your own loft & bear artisanal vodka bottle for just $30.)

Choose loft & bear artisanal vodka


Handcrafted in Los Angeles by one of the youngest distillers in the game, loft & bear will defy all expectations. Plus, a percentage of every sale goes to PATH, People Assisting the Homeless, to give back to the community. We believe in making a difference wherever we go, from the kitchen to the community.

Go your own way and discover an endless world of possibility with finely crafted artisanal vodka from loft & bear. When you pour a glass, you’ll taste the difference.