How do you make vodka?

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From the glitz and glamour of a Gatsby party to the relaxed and laid back atmosphere of a get together with friends, having a bottle (or two) of the clean and crisp vodka from loft & bear artisanal vodka is the best way to make sure everyone has a great night. One of the most common questions we get from friends and fellow vodka drinkers is: how do you make vodka?

Because we pour so much time and effort into meticulously crafting this exceptional spirit, we want to bring you along the journey and show you how your favorite loft & bear vodka is crafted in our vodka distillery in downtown Los Angeles.

Collecting the Ingredients


Here at loft & bear, we take pride in using the best ingredients available. Only the purest California mountain spring water and soft winter wheat from across the country are used in our batches. When it comes to crafting a vodka with a clean finish and exceptional drinkability, nobody does it better.

Create the Mash


The first step begins by combining the ingredients in a still to create a mash which is heated to a specific temperature. As the mash begins to heat, the enzymes in the ingredients will turn the mash into wort, at which stage the starches will transform into sugars needed for fermentation.

From Wort to Wash


The heated sugars escape into the water and are drained from the wort. This is what we use as the base of our vodka and is referred to as the wash. While we won’t give all of our secrets away, through years of experience and fine-tuning we have found the prime temperatures for releasing enzymes and creating a fantastic sugar ratio within the wort to ensure our wash gives you enjoy an incredible vodka-drinking experience.

Distilling to Perfection


Once we are convinced our wash is of the highest quality, we will distill it to give the loft & bear vodka you know and love its distinct taste. While other brands distill their vodkas a couple of times, we run our wash through the distillation process four times to provide you with the cleanest and most refreshing vodka.

Handcrafted and Distinct


As a MicroLiquor Triple Gold winner for taste and New York International Spirits Competition Silver Medal winner (among other achievements), our sights are set on maintaining our premium vodka offering and continuing to provide that handcrafted touch to every bottle. Not only do we source and produce everything from right here in the downtown LA Arts District, but we package and hand-label our vodka in our loft as well.

When you drink loft & bear vodka, you’ll enjoy a distinctly unique flavor profile that has been crafted through passion and endless hours of meticulous testing and tasting. We believe that our small-batch, artisanal vodka has the power to transform your bar cart and will be the first bottle you reach for when entertaining or unwinding.

Find loft & bear near you


Find loft & bear artisanal vodka in local Los Angeles bars and speakeasies. From Bunker Hill to Hollywood and as far as Santa Monica and Newport Beach, vodka drinkers in search of a better spirit are finding themselves asking for loft & bear. If you simply can’t wait, order your bottle of loft & bear online.

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