It’s Phelps’ birthday — and we celebrate with a festival of 40s — 40 ouncers, 40% alcohol vodka and tequila shots, 40 years worth of celebration and stories.

How has Phelps changed in the 40 years since his birth in Kansas City?  Has the decade in Lala Land ruined him, improved him, or left him essentially the same “recovering frat-guy” he was when he left KU (Go Jayhawks!)? We dig into the food and drink evolution of our beloved co-host and we get to know some of the secrets of his past thanks to drinking buddy, Doug Harper, who has known the guy since the “day-drink” of choice was icy-cold milk.

Day Drinking: Budweiser 40oz, Bud Light 40oz, Tequila Ocho Single Estate Tequila Plata 2016 Puerta del Aire, Loft & Bear Vodka

Guest: Doug Harper


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